Earlier today (17 January), this new track featuring previously unreleased vocals from the late American R&B star Aaliyah appeared online.

Online reports are suggesting that this version of ‘Quit Hatin” will not feature on the forthcoming Drake-helmed album which is set for release in 2013, but instead a mixtape. However, the fact that this has leaked 24 hours after fans were celebrating what would have been the singer’s 34th birthday, suggests that it’s more than mere coincidence that it’s seen the light of day. 

Last year, the album’s lead cut ‘Enough Said’ was released in America with Drake himself contributing somewhat unnecessarily to what would have been a much better song without him. 

Fans would probably similarly enjoy ‘Quit Hatin” just as much, if not more, were it released without all of the additional layers of production but, in my opinion, her vocal sounds as spellbindingly beautiful here as it does in most of her back catalogue.

So I’m ignoring the wrongs and rights that surround the somewhat controversial posthumous project, and making the most of hearing new material from one of the most talented R&B singers whose talent is still embraced more than a decade after her death.  

(Source: chartshaker)

I was deeply saddened to hear of the news of Mr Haughton’s passing. The only comfort is that he is finally with his Babygirl again. God bless Diane & Rashad Haughton. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you. 

Tribute to Michael Haughton 


Rest in Peace to Aaliyah & Rashad’s father, Michael Haughton. A lot of fans were and probably unaware of his passing. The Haughton’s are so strong. I hope they are together. Feels like another blow to the heart, that now we lost Aaliyah’s father.
He was ill for years, he passed away during the Holiday season of 2012.


Rashad Haughton’s Poem for Aaliyah | January 16th, 2013